This is a Art piece i did with Dreamyard Internship.
Entrepreneurship and Art
Being a Entrepreneur

I did a Internship with Dreamyard, Before, i knew nothing about being a entrepreneur and knowing how to draw specific things and it was a hard time doing this. I got the hang of it and started to enjoy my internship. My Experience in the Entrepreneur group was Great. I got to know how to draw certain types of art pieces and how to create my very own website. One thing that I struggled with is having so many ideas that popped up in my head and having to choose one out of all of the ideas I had in my head. I got to know new ways to draw and create art pieces and a new app was introduced to me. It is called Sketchbook, Sketchbook is an app where you can design your own artwork and lets you use your creativity and imagination in your drawings which is the fun part of this app. At the end we had to create a website with all our work we did during the Internship. I had a really good time with the people and teacher that i worked with and i recommend doing this internship with Dreamyard and choosing Entrepreneurship. If you would like to see my Website, Here is the Link to it - https://jp6361.wixsite.com/website
Bronx, NY
Jonathan Pavia
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