Stonehenge and why i chose it

This looked like something I could have been able to draw for example because of the lighting/shading.
I chose this topic because it seemed interesting and a good practice in my drawing.
From video(s) and etc out there say that there are multiple theories about this area.
One that i learned was that archaeologists found bones buried around the site, interesting thing being that most were half men half woman. People who were buried most likely could have been mostly the “elite” around that time.
I chose this because it seems like a really interesting topic to someone who just looks at it looks like just rocks stacked on rocks but actually could and have more meaning then what the eyes can see.
I am Not Necessarily good at drawing dimensions as you can see but the pictures to the actual thing are beautiful.
This place is pretty mysterious and i would love to learn more about it.
please don't judge me too bad for this art.
England- Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom
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