What has happened since the Coronavirus.
My personal pandemic experience.
Quarantine and the Coronavirus.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, people have been going out with either a pair of gloves accompanied by a mask or a mask alone, as well as carrying around hand sanitizer. Any area that was open to the public followed by making masks and gloves a requirement. Everyone was taking this seriously and possibly still are.

Though, this was at the cost of staying home.
There really wasn’t much to do besides doing chores, socializing with friends online, playing video games, watching TV, doing other activities, etc. When going to bed for the following day, it begins to almost feel similar to a loop. You’re basically doing the same thing everyday, anytime.

Truth be told, as much as I’d like to be outdoors, I’ve adapted to being indoors and now almost never go anywhere because of it. Not only that, my sleeping schedule had been completely mixed up and it’s something that I’ve been trying to work on for more than a while now, especially since my time management hasn’t been up to par.

When you really think about it, quarantine gives you a handful of opportunities that come with both pros and cons.

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August 26th, 2020.
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