This quarantine is so boring!
My experience in this Pandemic
The pandemic

My experience in this quarantine has been quite boring! As we all know we have to stay at home and if we go out wear our masks. But for me the most difficult and boring thing is to be at home all the time without being able to be near my friends, it is frustrating to stay alone in your room without being able to be with someone you were always before or a family member you love very much and even though the family is at home for me it is not the same since at school I was always with my friends.

In this quarantine a lot of things have happened because on one hand it has been good to stay at home and invent new things. And I would say that this quarantine has been very useful for me, I learned a lot of new things when I was bored and I stopped to think about new ideas and new alternatives. But even though I was bored with this whole quarantine, I thank God because my family is healthy and nobody got the virus, and I really believe that apart from personal care, it is also a joy because millions of people unfortunately died and my family remained and remains healthy and safe from the virus. I think that we should all take care of ourselves and try to keep our distance from other people even though our desire is to be with them, we should take care of our health and everyone around us. Even though it's a little difficult to be in a mask because of the heat, we must take care of ourselves and have faith and patience that this will one day happen.

Bronx NY.
Emely R
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