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Tuition is the price that students have to pay in college. The college tuition credit is a tax credit allowing for the qualified college tuition expenses to be paid for an eligible student. Paying for university is too much, and many university graduates may not pay back their debt because it is very expensive. College tuition should be free because this can help students not to pay debts. Many students will focus on their studies and this can allow any student to go to the college.

College should be free because student loan debt increases every year. According to Zack Friedman “Student loan debt has risen 130% since 2008, and public college costs have risen 213% between 1987 and 2017.” This means that the percentage of loan debt increases every year, which is harmful because if it continues to increase the students cannot refund. This is unfair because everyone has to go to college to open up their choices for jobs, so they can have a great jobs.

College should be free because many students will focus on their studies. According to Bernie Sanders “45 percent of college students report struggling with hunger, 56 percent report struggling with the cost of housing, and 17 percent say they experienced homelessness.” This means that the students have a lot of problems to have food, to have houses, and there are others who are homeless which is grievous, because if they didn’t get a support it can stress them. This is unfair because students should not have to starve in order to get an education.

College should be free because this can allow any student to go to the college. According to Bernie Sanders “ More than three million older Americans still have student loan debt.” This means that the student cannot pay off debts quickly which is serious because if they didn't pay, their debts will increase every year. This is unjust because students should not take all their life to pay debts, they have many important things to pay for, like bills, and pay for their children to go to college.

Some people think college should not be free because college might not seem as important. According to Ellen Andersen “It might also lead to students cutting more classes or not trying.” This means that students might think that college is not important, and not focus and concentrate on their studies because they pay nothing. However college should be free because students will still consider college, and focus so they can have a great job and good life.

According to Ellen Andersen “A century ago high school was becoming a necessity, not a luxury; today the same is happening to college. College is essential for building a career and being a full participant in our democracy as high school once was.” This means that college is considered essential, because it's help us build for our good, like having a good future.

If the college tuition is free, it can allow everybody to go to college, not only rich people. Every body has the right to learn without any stress or criticism because we need to focus, concentrate and work hard to have a good education so we can have a good future.
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