Some alternatives for a better environment
The Environment
Some Healthy Alternatives

Humans have been killing the Earth for years and years, and we tend to use unhealthy habits to do things. However this can no longer be the option and I have done research to find healthier ways of doing things that don’t contaminate and kill our home. My first example has to do with plastic, plastic is very detrimental for our environment however there are alternatives that are better than plastic. For instance, instead of plastic use glass, wood, paper straws, metal straws, steel, reusable bags, etc. We could do our best to limit pollution in the air and ocean by recycling, reusing, turning lights that aren’t in use off, using fans more instead of air conditioners, using alternative fuels for vehicles like biodiesel, ethanol, etc. We could use solar or wind power for renewable energy instead of hydropower which uses more fossil fuels. There are so many things we can do to keep the air, water, and overall our Earth clean, we must come together and help solve this issue. We need to put more focus on nature, plants, animals, oceans, ecosystems, our own lives, etc if we want Earth to prosper and grow in a positive way.
Destinee Morales
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