It's not too late to reverse all of the damage we've caused.
Why we must take action.
Our dying planet.

Planet Earth is the one and only home that we have and yet, we resume to causing destruction within the environments provided to us. There are ways to prevent this from continuing such as lessening the utilization of plastics and altering to reusable items, picking up garbage, participating in cleanup gatherings, etc. Though, it could take years for this to fully clear up. Moreover, there isn't an abundant amount of people who care much about environmental issues to feel the need to either address it or take whatever actions necessary in regards to it becoming a benefit. Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is ever going to get better; it's not.

This image was chosen by me because currently, this is what’s happening and not many of us are paying attention to it. For instance, the arctic is melting and the seafloor levels are beginning to rise; We haven’t been giving that attention and with how things are going, countless people are bound to lose their homes.

Source to the image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/453737731215283228/
August 25th, 2020.
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