America needs change now.

During this year many things had occurred. Several in which we were left sad and empty. In January we were at the brink of war with Iran. We also lost one of the most influential basketball players in this time, Kobe Bryant had tragically passed in a airplane crash along with his daughter. In February Donald Trump was acquitted from his impeachment. In March COVID-19 was brought to the attention and everyone was panicking and thousands were dying. In April the whole country was on lock down. Many states were being quarantined and several were opposing the stay at home order. In May a unarmed Black man was shot and this caused various protests and the iconic Black Lives Matter movement arose in the US. In June because of the protests in America, there was a worldwide movement to bring justice for Black Lives.

I wrote this because I wanted to reflect on what had happened throughout 2020 and see how America had dealt with it.
Michelle Bautista / Hans Kimmy
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