Should Schools in NYC reopen?
Should NYC Schools re-open?
COVID-19 and NYC schools

I believe that Schools should not be open because it is a risk to young kids and basically risking their health and safety during a pandemic. Parents are going to be worried for their kids and wondering how their kids are doing. They are going to feel safe when their kids are at home with them, in which case remote learning is the best way to learn for now.

If schools are going to be open, there should be a lot of changes in the schools that we should be able to follow, but kids are going to ignore the changes and it will cause problems and put many people at risk of infections.

Younger kids do not even know what is going on and the mayor and schools chancellor are expecting these kids to follow these rules which are going to be ignored. Teenagers are the ones that are definitively going to ignore the safety precautions. Schools should not open now, and should open when everything is back to normal and people won't have to worry about their health.
Bronx, New York
Jonathan Pavia
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