Going Back to School in Covid Era
Back to School while Covid is spreading
School Back in Session with Covid.

Now going back to school with a mask to protect everyone from being infected will be a challenge to many people but this is also a relief to some people that work better in person such as me, a hands-on type of learner, rather than behind a screen as the comforts of the home can be distracting.

Safety is the number one priority in the schools' and government's mind as they are sending kids back to school and it will work fine if everyone listens to the experts.

I wouldn't mind wearing a mask any day of the week if it meant being able to go back to school and learn with my friends again. This is another obstacle that everyone is going to face and overcome, it will be a journey to go to school during a pandemic and seeing what the schools' plan of action is, if it all fails.
The Bronx, New York, USA
August 20, 2020
Jonathan Paguay
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