Should Schools Reopen Now ?!?
Schools Reopening

The Corona Virus is something that came in and sucked everybody's attention up. Now the real question is, is it safe to reopen schools now. I know that right now it’s a little too early, me knowing my own school, I know it’s not the most sanitary place to be especially during these times. We also are starting a whole new grade now and it’s going to be hard for us to grasp whole new topics all online. Therefore I feel that it will be a way better idea for us kids to be put in study groups. Groups with our friends where we go to one persons house and then we go online and join the calls and do the work. It will be way easier for us kids to learn together then learn by ourselves. Also not all the students will have the materials they need in their home, and working with your friends is just a plus. I personally want to go back to school because I haven’t been the same since school ended, I’ve been so much less social and I just need to see more people but, I don’t want to go to school if it is not normal again or safe!
Bronx, New York
August 20, 2020
Tiana Walker
A Topic Brought Up In Our Call
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