Is Equal Pay Deserved...?
NBA$$$ = WNBA$$$???

I know that there are some very very very talented female athletes. But out of all female sports, there are none that match the low levels of revenue that the WNBA has. Simply put, the WNBA doesn't have or bring the same type of excitement and talent the NBA has. So if the NBA can attract millions of viewers and in turn sponsors, they should obviously be paid by their worth. The same should go for the WNBA players. So pushing for higher and even equal pay that matches that of NBA players is entirely unrealistic. Doing so would take from the revenue the NBA makes, even more, seeing as how the NBA already gives the WNBA about $12,000,000. Funding a league with little viewers would be an obvious waste of money. So if females want higher pay, they sadly just have to generate an audience by... playing better.
Bronx, NY
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Created on 2020-06-30 at 23:30 and last updated on 2020-06-30 at 23:38.