Stores continue to get crowded as the reopening of the state occurs.
Reopening of NYC

Shoppers around the world are heading to grocery stores to stock up on food and basics as fear over the spread of corona virus grows. While local authorities and government leaders in various parts of the world have urged consumers not to panic and have advised that there is no need to stock up, many are still preparing for the worst. Shoppers in the cities of Wuhan and Zhudhai shared videos and photographs showing the bare store shelves at local Walmart stores. "Things are getting desperate," one shopper wrote on Twitter, as reported by Business Insider's Bethany Biron.

And as the virus spread elsewhere in the weeks that followed, shoppers around the globe started to react in the same way. Local news organizations reported that Hong Kong supermarkets had begun selling out of certain long-lasting food items and hygiene products in early February after rumors circulated online that supplies could run out because of the slowdown of factories in mainland China. And as many stores reopen, more people keep shopping and shopping.
New York, USA
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