Summer 2020 Plans
Summer 2020
The past 3-4 months were...

Pats on the back to everyone who maintained their composure in transitioning your own home into a virtual learning environment and completed their assignments and participated in class meetings. Two months ago I was in shock and was awkwardly laughing when it was announced that we were transitioning to online learning and that school would be out for two months. It was kind of an unfortunate leave, because I did not attend school on the last official day before closure to say goodbye, but I had to worry about how I would manage my time at home.

Online learning seemed nothing too serious at first, because only a handful of assignments from each class were being assigned, but eventually the workload gradually increased and it was hard for me, because I would procrastinate and have the same assignment tab open for 5 hours straight with minimum progress. Eventually, I did try my best to complete assignments as soon as possible and emulate my strong work ethic from before COVID-19 and succeeded.

Now, Summer break has officially started and I have no plans other than a virtual internship, playing video games all day, and studying for SAT's this fall/winter. I would probably be going outside like two out of the seven days of the week. I'd imagine that's the same exact routine for plenty of you and would say to try something new, and try to never keep your guard down even if the situation may seem to be controlled in the near future. Stay safe, and enjoy!
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