WE are all equal
Blacks are protesting their lives
How black lives are being abused by racism.

In my opinion I think that black lives matter as much as white lives since we are all the same and we should not be mistreated just because we are of another color or of another race
It is very sad to see how many people have been raped and killed for no reason today, this world brings us surprising things every day that do not lead us to be afraid to go out on the streets because we do not know what will happen to us on the way

Elsewhere I think the protests are fine because maybe this way you can get a solution that things do not go as they are, but I also do not think that it is okay for black people to want to destroy businesses for people who are not to blame for their relatives or friends be killed
The death of African American George Floyd was something very painful since his death was not something waiting, it was something that has traumatized many of us, like children and adults, since when they go out on the streets they fear the police that appear around them. It is very difficult to see how people's lives are not worth the simple fact of not having the same skin color for all of us, we are equal and we must fight for our lives and rights.
We are all the same no matter what color we are or what race we come from ..
United States
June 24,2020
Bemerly Collado
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