CLASS OF 2020 !
Class Of 2020

I am very excited and proud to say that I will graduate from Crotona International High school. My experience in Crotona was fun, there were bad moments as well as good ones. But when I leave CIHS, I'm just going to take the positive moments that happen there that will stay with me my entire life. At that school I met many good friends as well as teachers. Such good friends who gave you advice when you didn't feel like doing anything. Where I met my best friend and already today we have a friendship of almost 2 years. In Crotona I learned to be more responsible and mature. I learned to have better communication with adults, I learned how to solve problems in a peaceful way and also to have patience. I think what I will miss the most is my teachers because they are very good at giving advice, helping us, they were always there supporting us as well as teaching. During this pandemic they also tried hard to keep us learning at home, it was not easy for us but we must also give credit to them for how well they handled this. In the image shown, we are all 2020 seniors. I want to say that we are all strong because despite everything that is happening we know that our effort was not in vain. that in the end it was all worth it and soon we will be graduating. fight for your dreams and never give up.
Bronx, New York
Marileni Mauricio
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