The police brutalized the wrong guy.
Police Brutality
Senator attacked by his own police.

Prior to the BLM movement across the nation, New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie had been peacefully protesting with a crowd in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. He wanted to join not only to show solidarity, but also as a communicator between demonstrators and law enforcement. Unfortunately even though he alerted police of his presence, and wore a neon green shirt with his name and title on it. he got in between the escalating tensions. He was pushed, shoved, pepper sprayed, and arrested for "forcefully protesting". Later because of his title he was released and was given medical attention. He's not the only black lawmaker to be attacked by police during the protests. Assemblywoman Diana Richardson was also pepper sprayed around the same area a day before. This really shows the amount of steps that needs to be taken to end systematic racism once and for all.
Brooklyn, New York City
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