Unjust deaths continue
Justice for Brianna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old African American woman, an emergency medical technician, who was fatally injured in a shooting by officers from the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) on March 13, 2020. Three officers carrying out an order Without warning, they entered his apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, in which there was a shooting between Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and the officers. Walker claimed to believe that the officers, who shot more than twenty times, were intruders. Taylor was hit eight times and Inspector Jonathan Mattingly was shot and wounded, while another agent and an LMPD lieutenant were on the scene when the search was carried out.

The LMPD investigation was looking for two people who were already in police custody and were suspected of selling controlled substances in a den over 10 miles (16 km). Jamarcus Glover, one of the custodians, had previously had a relationship with Taylor.The search warrant included Taylor's residence because it was suspected that he was receiving drugs related to the case and because a car registered in Taylor's name He had been seen parked in front of Glover's house on several occasions. No drugs were found in the apartment.

Walker, who was licensed to carry firearms, was the first to shoot, injuring one of the officers, causing police to respond by firing on the apartment more than 20 times. According to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Taylor family's attorney against police, the officers, who entered the residence without touching or announcing themselves, apparently opened fire "with complete disregard for the value of human life."
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