My thoughts on the massive jump in NYC shootings
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My thoughts on the massive jump in NYC shootings

Over the past week, shooting in New York City have soared by 358% in relation to last year. This is very sad considering our city is not in the proper position to be dealing with this nonsense, and the 'defund the police' movement NYPD cuts have been considered by the NYC Council. Its a very contradicting and hypocritical time that we are in that only brings fear. Recently, Phase 2 of reopening in New York City has begun which includes limitations in restaurants, salons and barbershops, in-store retail, playgrounds, offices, and Houses of Worship. Although things may seem to be transitioning back to normal, I still have this strange feeling that this summer would be a massive jump in shootings from left to right; across the four boroughs. I hope that everyone would stay safe and be well during this summer and look after your loved ones.
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Edward Yeboah
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