Personal Experience During this Pandemic
My Personal Pandemic Experience
My life in this Pandemic

One of my experiences during this pandemic is that at the beginning I said that everything was going to be fine and that we were going to enter the school on April 20 but everything was changing, it was taking a different course and instead of improving it was making people worse at the beginning they left their houses without protection (mask and gloves), in all public places many people always notice and at the beginning I did not pay attention to this from the covid-19 and left my house without protection.

In the month of April there were more than 60,000 and they were increasing more and more until the 2 million deaths were passed by the covid, people did not respect the social distance, nor the limit of 6 feet of people, in my case after we saw that things were getting more serious did not leave my house if it was not a very needy thing.

In my house there were people who had to go to work and used their gloves and masks to respect the social distancing of others because their workplace is small and people were very close, since they got home they took off their shoes and He left it at the entrance and then he went to bathe to later share each one, we always respect social distancing.

Today we continue to use masks and gloves for the simple fact that the coronavirus has not completely disappeared and if everyone in the world continues to walk like this on the street without a mask or protection, the pandemic will return to the same as before, all together we must protect ourselves and our family because as the phrase says, "hoy por mi maƱana por ti." Or in other words, today you help me and I help you in the future.

This pandemic also affected me day by day of my studies because we had to work doing the classes via online and the teachers held meetings once a week with the classes at different times, it was not easy to finish this year online, there were jobs that I did not understand anything and no matter how much they explain to you, it is not the same that they explain to you on a computer that they explain to you at school.

This pandemic affected one of the most important things that was my graduation in this 2020 because it will no longer be the same not to be allowed to do in person each one we will go through more new stages this year always one dreams of graduating and having the opportunity to get to have a better future but something that I am happy about is that despite all this pandemic I managed to fulfill my dream and graduate.

Bronx, NY
Claudia M Torres
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