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Personal Story

My name is Ilyasu Jalloh, I am 20 years old, and I am from Guinea Conakry. I came to the United States in May 2017. I am a senior at Crotona International High School. Some people are intimidated by foreign languages. For me, learning languages was also difficult. However, through hard work and studies, I was successful in learning three languages. The languages I spoke in my native country were Fulani and French. Since French was the instructional language in my school, I am fully literate in French. However, I can only communicate verbally in Fulani. In school, I did mostly narrative and expository writing. I also took dictation. Outside of school, I have read many books from French writers. I watched different genres of movies in French and Nigerian. I also watched Guinea theater performances in the Fulani language and listened to music from different countries and cultures. I listened predominantly to French, Fulani, and English music. Multicultural background can help a person be strong, independent, and able to relate to diverse communities. Speaking many languages allows a person to communicate with people, and therefore, be in a position to help others. One example of how such a person can make a difference is found in my visual poem. In this poem, I talk about the violence in my country. In Guinea Conakry, the government is using violence against the population and destroying people’s lives. Houses are demolished in Guinea and the children need help. This is important to me because little children’s lives are in danger. As an immigrant from Guinea Conakry, where gender roles are predetermined, I understand the daily tribulations of women. In Guinea women are often excluded from holding government and other leadership positions, and therefore, lack the political capital to defend themselves. Consequently, women endure violence and experience extreme brutality throughout their lives. As someone who deeply cares about social justice, I am dedicated to making a change. I plan to become an attorney and the woman who will lead my country toward equality and peace.
Ilyasu Jalloh
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