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I am from the Dominican Republic I come from a country that is a marvel my country is a place to admire for its beautiful nature when I arrived in the United States my first language was Spanish at first when it was in my middle school my only language was Spanish but over the months I was able to write and read in english
The music I always listened to when I first came here was from the artist Christina Perri -A thousand years because in this time I arrived here I felt very lonely and that song helped me feel a little better than I felt.
My culture has always been the same until now that I am here. I come from a culture and a country where people are more socialized among others where we spend a lot of time with our family and friends.
In this portfolio I am talking about the work that I have done since my 9th and the images that I created in photoshop and how difficult it was for me to make each part of this portfolio and the poem and my first song with a partner.
In my opinion, this portfolio should not only be done by the 11th grade students, as perhaps other students would be interested in expressing each step....
To create my image and add my information people use abobe spark to make it easier and more interesting to read and observe for others for me it was quite easy to use abobe spark since it is one of the applications that helps us step by step as to create our information.
United States
June 22,2020
Bemerly Collado
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