Dominican Republic, Covid-19 & traditions
Dominican Republic, Covid-19 & traditions

The Dominican Republic has 25,608 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 647 confirmed deaths.
The Dominican Republic has implemented a series of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, including a national curfew that prohibits all transit and movement of people, the creation of a national telephone line for questions related to COVID-19 In case of having been exposed or experiencing severe symptoms, the arrival of cruise ships has been suspended in all ports and coasts, it is required to use masks and gloves in all public spaces in the Dominican Republic.
Something very special in our culture is Dominican meringue.
The Dominican "merengue" is a lilting and lively man who has managed to extend his arm outside the national frontreras and settle in dance halls around the world.
A tradition that our country has is EL CARNAVAL. Carnival generally coincides with national holidays. Different cities organize their parades in which the influence of different cultures is remarkable. African roots are found in the numerous masks, made of papier-mache, feathers, clothing, and just about everything these elaborate accessories wear.
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Monday, June 22 2020
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