My experience of the pandemic that invaded the lives of all.
my experience of the COVID-19

At the beginning of this it started as unimportant news and with the days this situation became bigger. Something that a lot of us believed was unimportant became something very serious. When I heard the teachers say that the closure of the schools was possible I thought it wouldn't be true, then it came true. Actually, my experience on this situation of COVID-19 really surprised me, like many of us, how this virus out of nowhere was so powerful and took many people from life and there were a large number of infected, personally it affected me enough not to get infected with this virus but it was as if I had it because the country changed quite a bit and it still is not the same. I had in mind to graduate with my friends and have a prom what I dreamed of but for these reasons everything was virtual and that made me very sad but we had to settle for what was going on we had to keep everyone safe and take care of other people that didn't matter, I miss my friends a lot until school and that surprises me because I wanted to finish my high school but not in this way, but we must thank God that we are alive and healthy. At least I graduated which makes me happy and at least my friends and family are fine, but on the other hand I feel bad because I think I tried so hard to graduate to have a prom and a graduation ceremony that now we don't have what we thought we would have. A celebration with our family for my experience is bad, but since it was 3 months ago, it is better now, everything is returning to normal and I like that because I hope that they find the vaccine and we can have our life from before. That for us to see and analyze that our life was super beautiful before and calm for people who complained about their lives we had a lot of time where we could not go out where there was a time that there was almost nothing in supermarkets because people bought from to a lot and they did not think about the other people, actually if they ask me I thought I was in a movie with everything that was happening in reality as I saw people fighting for food as if there was not enough, sometimes fool who are locked in the house I had to go out at least to go around the corner to my house because I could not stand this much closed it gave me a lot of desire to eat bone in reality I did not want to go through a situation like that again, I really did not.
Carolina Henriquez
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