What is happening in the DR with the Covid-19, what are their cultures and
What's happening in the DR with the Covid-19

What is happening now in the Dominican Republic due to the virus that is invading the country is that there are 27,370 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 669 confirmed deaths.
The President of the Dominican Republic extended the state of emergency until July 1. For reasons that Dominicans do not pay attention to the norms of the country now in this situation of the COVID-19 example of how to keep the distance from other people the minimum is 6 feet away, masks, gloves, etc. and for these reasons the number increases in RD,
Clearly, ferry-type flights are still available through Jetblue and United Airlines only on these lines.
Masks are required in all public spaces in the Dominican Republic as well as in the United States.
The Dominican Republic has implemented a series of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, including:
A national curfew that prohibits all transit and movement of people, but sometimes I ask my family and friends in the Dominican Republic how the situation is in our country, they tell me that medicines in the Dominican Republic are running out for anyone , it is a secret that the DR in some of the countries that need help since we do not have a very good government, let's say that our president and our government are, in short, thieves, they do not help people and if they help people, They do not help what is necessary, if not only so that the news can see what they are doing, also in my country, the police abuse the power a lot, they do what they want, they even steal, abuse and sell, they drug some, but I say what everyone knows, the community itself does not trust the police, the Dominican Republic is such a beautiful country for the people who govern the country, but if there is someone who helps our country a lot, it is Abel Martínez, our country i need There are more people like those who help the community, and those people are waiting for it to come. Something better for our country.
The culture where I come from Merengue is a musical and dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic in the late 19th century. In its origins, merengue was made with guitars. Later, the guitars were replaced by the accordion that, together with the guitar and the tambora, formed the instrumental structure of the typical merengue ensemble. Unlike in the United States, what is heard the most is HIP HOP, in ours it is typical like Meringues and Bachatas.
Dominican traditions that fill us with pride
Lunch at 12 a "Dominican flag" Scrape the cone,
Dancing a ripiao parakeet, eat some beans with sweets at Easter,
See the "bladders" in Carnival, A Charamico for Christmas,
Eating a sancocho on rainy days.
The food eaten daily in the Dominican Republic is "La Bandera", which consists of white rice, stewed beans and stewed meat of the type that spoils but probably chicken, pork or beef. On December 31, many Dominicans have the habit of saying goodbye to the year with a sancocho.
Here I wrote a little about my country Dominican Republic I hope you like it thanks for your time reading it.
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