Black lives matter protest
My thoughts on the black lives matter protest

The black lives matter protest that has occurred in 2020 is a major event in history that is bringing major change to the future. This is also an event that should be remembered and talked about all throughout history because this is a moment where people of color of all races came together to fight against the racial injustice and discrimination of black people in the police department no matter what the consequences were. If the police department does not start holding their officers accountable for their violent actions against black people nothing will change and we will continue to fight for the justice and equality that they deserve. No one should be treated poorly and different just because of the color of their skin in any situation nor be killed because of it. This is a moment in time where we need to all be united to make the changes that we need to happen not just for us but for the next generation and every other following.
New york
Melanie Suarez
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