Small Town Hospitals Closed
Small Hospital Economics
New York hospitals face cuts of $ 400 million even as virus battle breaks out.

That is something that is very wrong because the way things are right now is not to cut the Medicaid budget. The problem with that though is that before covid-19 entered the United States. The funding cut was proposed by a panel that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo convened earlier this year, before the virus reached the United States, to curb the state's growing Medicaid program by identifying $ 2.5 thousand. millions in savings.

The closing of the small city hospitals as soon as the virus crown arrives, I think it is a very bad thing because the people of that city were more scared and they have to be right because they will not have, nearby hospitals and every time one gets sick they will go far to save a family member who holds the covid-19. The closure will come at a huge local economic cost: With more than 100 employees, the hospital was one of the county's largest employers. But the ironic moment is not lost on its staff either. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, most non-core businesses in the area were already closed.

In conclusion, I think that all this that is happening is wrong because I believe that the president had to have the country prepared for when the virus arrived in the country, because, if he already knew that the virus was reached by news from other countries, he had They have to prepare hospitals both in small cities and large hospitals so that the country is not out of control as it was doing these days due to the virus.

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