My life during today's pandemic
My life during today's pandemic

Ever since school learning has switched to remote learning due to covid-19 nothing has been the same. As a high school senior I, like any other senior had many expectations for my last year of high school like prom, graduation, spending my last moments of being an irresponsible young teen with my friends, and finishing off the year strong. Remote learning isn't the same as learning in a classroom, there's less motivation, feels like i'm learning nothing just receiving information, makes me want to not show up to ¨class¨, my video calls with my teacher and classmates. No part of remote learning feels like I'm learning at all. Having to be quarantined for safety and trying to learn from home hasn't been the easiest since I am constantly home and running out of new things to do. Running out of new things to do, try and watch leaves me with only one thing to do, sleep all day. Since most days i'm sleeping all day, each day it gets harder to get myself to show up for my class video calls or do my online homework. Besides all of that, i feel like this is a good chance for me and anyone else to use this time to work on personal growth and goals. Overlooking all the unfortunate effects of covid-19 there has been some bright side to it, at least for me there is like learning how to cook, improving my health, working on my maturity, and accomplishing personal goals. One thing this situation has made me question is how do home schooled kids do this online learning?
Bronx, New York
Melanie Suarez
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Created on 2020-06-14 at 00:27 and last updated on 2020-06-14 at 00:36.