Civilian dies at the hands of the police for Racism
Civilian dies at the hands of the police for Racism

My reaction to seeing the murder of George Floyd by the police is something that makes them angry because it was a death entirely by Racism, which is something that already abounds in all countries but not in the United States. Racism in the US leads black people to want to fight white people and vice versa because in the case of civilian George Floyd, the policeman wanted to kill him for pleasure because he was saying to stop that he can't breathe and the policeman continued as if it was an animal.

For the police the perception changes a lot because through that ugly death many fights with the police are unleashed and that also people are not going to trust the police because they are going to be afraid that something like this will happen to them.

In the protest not everyone is going to ask for Racism to stop, they are also full of criminals who are taking advantage of one problem to make another one worse, such as looting the stores. That's like someone saying stopping a crime with another crime. Which are things that anyone with the five senses knows is something that will later come out of the taxis of the same people and more of people who have nothing to do with this vandalism.

I believe that the president should not treat civilians the way he does because he is the one who activates them because in every speech he gives, he always ends up talking about more bone saying things that make people more angry with He and so everything that is happening will never end. For me, the speeches that Donald Trump is giving are wrong.

For me, what to do next is to try to calm the population that is in the protest in a peaceful way and only exert force on the people who are doing vandalism because there are good people and even older people who are taking the more scare by the thrusts of the police.
New York / Minneapolis
Angel Diaz
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