My pandemic experience
The story of my personal pandemic experience

For 2 months without leaving, I also had no contact with strangers, my family only went out to buy the necessary things for the house, they came out carefully, with gloves, masks and clean hands. I was also not desperate to go out or see my friends, because really, to stop the spread of COVID-19, the less physical contact we have with people, the better.

COVID-19 affected my life in the school part because I had a goal for this year which was to do all my presentations, get a good grade and work to get the credits I needed, why did I want to do all that in my third year ? because in my senior year I didn't want to be so forced with classes or having to make presentations that I was supposed to do in the other grades, since taking classes online really makes me feel stressed. That's the only way this pandemic has affected me, because based on everything else, my family and I are doing well.
Bronx, NY
Tuesday, June 08 2020
Seline Rivera
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