A victim of racism
Racism needs to stop

George Floyd, 46, was another victim of racism. This black man was killed on May 25, 2020 by a white police officer, placing his foot on George's neck until he was killed.

I feel bad about the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, because the police had no right to take his life, that was abuse, George Floyd is doing it wrong, of course, but he did not deserve death, those policemen were beaten more by his racism than his own humanity.

I also feel bad about the way people have reacted to the event. On the other hand, it's okay to protest because it's
time for us to stand up, take responsibility, take action. Talk, introduce yourself, donate, sign petitions, vote. Actually, I am ashamed of how little knowledge I have about how much injustice is done. In the past few days I watched hours of videos, shared posts, read articles, and started educating myself. We have to work against systemic RACISM.

People really believe that they are doing justice by looting all those stores, but they are really destroying their own community, that is not a good way to stop racism, violence brings more violence and it is not the best option, they are taking advantage of the cause to make gangster isms, many of the looters did not do it FOR THE CAUSE OF RACISM, they did it for their convenience and this is wrong. WE MUST STOP VIOLENCE AND RACISM WITHOUT MAKING MORE VIOLENCE.
Bronx, NY
Tuesday, June 08 2020
Seline Rivera
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