case of George Floyd
Reflection Of police brutality (Justice for George Floyd)

My reactions to the police murder of George Floyd was very angry and sadly because I am seeing so much racism that I never saw before in the United States is very sad that just for a race police have to kill him and make him suffer a lot. The perceptions of the functions of police change because the police are supposed to protect us not kill us just for simple things that are not confirmed like the George case. I think people are resorting to property to be heard, I agree with pacific protest because we need to be heard but I extremely disagree with destroying properties in our community. The people business they work so hard to have something of what to live and also need to buy essential things we need. Does not justify all these bad things that happen with racism with George Floyd need to be heard and that the country changes and that color doesn’t matter at all but destroy the country that's already gangsterism and many people are taking advantage of this situation. I heard about the Trump measures being taken by curfew at different times to deal with vandalism and I agree that no one should go out on the street due to this serious situation. I think that what needs to be next is that the government needs to hear why people are so angry with the big racism here in the United States and support the protest and also try to control somehow the vandalism and put in prison people who are taking advantage to steal and destroy.
Bronx, NY
Anyeska Mendoza
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