Injustice without mercy, I CAN'T BREATHE.
GeorgeFloyd and PoliceBrutality
Injustice without mercy, I CAN'T BREATHE.

Protests over the death of Floyd, who died after a white police officer put his knee to his neck for more than 8 minutes, have spread to more than 40 cities in the country and some places have become violent, forcing curfews in some cases. My reaction to seeing GeorgeFloyd's death was super shocking to me since watching the white policeman put all his strength into the victim's neck was too strong for a person who was already handcuffed. In truth, this panorama at first changed my perspective or my image of the police, since I understand that they are established to protect, not to harm the population. I fully support the protests but the destruction of business did not support it since after a long time that COVID-19 seized the United States and business was opening its doors after a moment of low global economy. I think they did that to make people out, but in my opinion that is not good to do to the same residents of our community since they have to start from scratch to start their business and this affected many Latino businesses in our community. In my opinion, President Trump should not call people like terrorists, I think they only seek justice because they are already tired of the same thing happening, I as a latino person am indignant and tired of discrimination only because of color of skin, descent, or nationality does not make us indifferent to other people, if you are African, American, Indian, latino or black or white we have the same blood color the only thing that does not make us indifferent is our skin color, but even So you have the same rights to life that no one can take away just because they felt like it. The population only asks for justice because they are tired of having a person's life taken away by a different skin color or just because of discrimination.
June 03, 2020
Arlin Aparicio
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