How the virus transformed the way Americans Spend their money
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Corona Virus and money of United States

The products with more expenses are groceries and the products with less expenses are travel. Stay-at-home orders issued around the country in recent weeks helped decimate the travel industry. Spending on airlines, hotels, cruises and rental cars has all but stopped. Online travel booking sites like Expedia, Airbnb and Priceline have seen their sales plunge. And it is only getting worse. Sales in the travel sector have declined rapidly over the past month, with revenues for the week ending on April 1 down 85 percent from the same time a year earlier. In recent weeks, more than 16 million workers in the country have filed for unemployment. And with no end to the outbreak in sight, consumer spending is likely to be fundamentally different for many months to come. The companies with the highest expenses are video streaming, food delivery, meal kits, gaming, online grocers. The companies with the least expenses are fitness, cruises, fast food, apparel, lodging, ect...
One of the lowest products according to what the graph says is fitness. None of the people are not going to the gym due to the pandemic that is today. The services that are collapsing are fast food but in the restaurants the deliveries are making many orders for the house. Because what made that happen was the COVI-D 19. The services they offers are to take food home, during this you cannot enter the restaurant because they are protecting you from the virus. I see in the graph is that fitness, airlines, fast food and some other things are losing a lot of money because with the virus they cannot sell anything, and what they are earning are supermarkets, delivery, and some others things. The way was that the first thing they thought about was their meals. The Americans are spending all their money or food because they have babies in their money on food because they have babies in their house.

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