How dangerous can COVID-19 be
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Dangers of coronavirus

The corona virus is more dangerous because it is a virus that can suffocate and kill you instantly if you do not have medical help and it is also very easy to infect other people and until now there is no specific cure. COVID-19 is believed to be spread mainly by close person-to-person contact through respiratory droplets from an infected person. People who are infected often have the symptoms of the disease. Some people with no symptoms can spread the virus. so far there is no evidence but it is said that perhaps animals can transmit the virus and people also when they have contact with another person so it is better to stay home so as not to infect anyone or be infected by anyone. The population most at risk are those who suffer from asthma, people who live in homes for anxious people, those over 65, people with severe heart conditions, people with diabetes, people with chronic kidney disease on dialysis treatment, people with liver disease. These people are more at risk because many do not have a good diet and also because they have very dangerous diseases that perhaps their body cannot bear this virus.
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