Human and non-human animals.
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Human and non-human animals.

Animals are living beings and are not human, but sometimes animals behave much better than a human being. We would avoid future outbreaks by changing hygiene because mostly all these things go through all the garbage that is in the streets, also having hygiene we could avoid being infected. Most of the emerging diseases that affect humans are zoonoses, with viruses that originate in wild animals such as rodents, primates or bats and are transmitted naturally to humans.However, until now there have been few methods that allow identifying which species guests are more likely to harbor future human viruses. some of the other viruses that have spread to humans due to human consumption of meat are: Sars (2002) this virus was caused by the civet animal, Avian Flu "H5N1" (2004) by the animal Birds, Swine Flu "H1N1 "(2009-2010) for the Chanchos animal, CoVid-19 (2020) for the bat animal. This compares because humans ate bat meat and also because the pandemic was created.
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