Humans and non-human animals.
Humans and non-human animals.

The lessons we can learn from this pandemic experience on the relationship between humans and non-human animals is that we should replace meat with another food or protein that has the same nutrients that meat has or, failing that, reduce meat consumption.

Here are the behaviors to stop future virus outbreaks: we have to ban the trade in wildlife, and avoid the consumption of dairy and meat. Viruses are spread from animals and if an infected animal comes near a human the virus easily passes from animal to human, then human to human.

One of the viruses that has spread to humans due to human consumption of meat are SARS and MERS, these viruses are compared to the coronavirus as they are viruses that affect the respiratory system and even in the way of infecting both. The COVID-19 virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets that are produced when a person or sneezes.
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Saturday, May 30th 2020
Seline Rivera
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