Learning new languages ​​can be very helpful.
Always open, learn new languages, with time and practice can be achieved.

The United States is a country that is very important to speak English. Over the months my English has improved in writing and reading and speaking.

Every day I can develop my skills in my two languages ​​by talking to people who can help me grow to speak English correctly. One of the ways that helped me a lot was the application of Duolingo. Over time I was able to improve my English little by little. I was able to help many people do their part and know how necessary it is to learn things that we do not know.

I was very proud of myself because this year I was able to realize how much I improved at speaking english because i can finally go anywhere and i don't need the help of a translator. Each time I tried to overcome my fear when speaking in English, I realized that not everything in this life is how it sounds, that if we want to achieve something and be someone in the future we must fight every day for what we need to learn.

The value of learning languages ​​is very important because it can help us achieve good things in the future and be someone professional who can help others achieve their goals. I have learned that we must fight for our dreams because that is what this life is about; being someone in life who can be successful and get what they want. I believe that the United States is always behind the world because they do not have the same courage and the same beliefs as other countries. Not all people choose to do what they like here because they are afraid of not reaching their goal simply because they do not know the extra texts they need there.

In conclusion, at this moment I want to let other people know that they can never think negatively about everything in life, always keep the goal up high, that they do not give up and do not let themselves be carried away by the bad opinions of others, that all this serves as a goal to achieve and show them that they are wrong, and finally it does not matter if you do not know how to swim, never lose faith and you will not drown in this sea.
Bronx, NY
Saturday, May 30th 2020
Seline Rivera
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