The way Americans spend their money in this pandemic
How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money.

The products that most people use during this quarantine are online groceries, food delivery, and meal kits. The products that correspond to less expenses are fast food, airlines, among others. Travel expenses decreased at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic because while people travel to other countries they can be infected. More than 16 million workers in the country have filed for unemployment. In figure 2 companies in the area with the highest spending is home improvement and the figure lowest spending is the airlines and cell phone companies. The product that has the least expenses is fast food because places such as restaurants are closed by the pandemic, supermarkets are not, because they are the ones that provide food to keep them at home. The advantages of restaurants have plummeted because people cannot go out to buy food and the services that increased were food delivery because it's easier for people not to leave their homes. With social distancing as the norm, most restaurants across the country have been ordered to stop offering table service. What i see from the graph is that it has also been difficult for people to go out on the streets to buy food. The corona virus transformed the way Americans spend their money, instead of spending money buying material and unnecessary things, they buy useful, necessary and cheap things, they buy enough food to be able to stay at home, buy soap, toilet paper, pasta of teeth, useful things that might be necessary during a pandemic like this.
Bronx, NY
Saturday, May 30th 2020
Seline Rivera
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