In this document i will be talking about the nationalism in USA
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Early Nationalism in america

Here I will talk about American nationalism. It is a liberal nationalist movement that promotes the cultural unity of Americans. Some academics, including Hans Kohn, suggested to the government that it institutionalize civic nationalism based on the legal and rational concepts of citizenship, as well as a common language and greater respect for cultural traditions to the detriment of ethnic nationalism. The founders of the nation created the state under the classical principles of individualistic liberalism. Since the First World War and especially since the 1960s, the so-called "founding fathers" were the national symbol of the country. However, before the war, nationalism had begun to take hold (nationalization, excluding immigrants, African Americans, and other races from any right as a citizen). Such a movement, known as Native American Nativism, is inspired by several of the first presidents such as George Washington, who declared that the immigrant population could be "pernicious to the national character of the country", or John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who opposed immigrants who came from states ruled by absolutist monarchies who could influence citizens with "" undemocratic ideas. "
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