Problems on the expansionism
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Expansionism in the USA

The procedures that I used to obtain revealing information about how expansionism happened in the United States read an article that explained step by step how the expansion occurred the page is called An Overview of U.S. Westward Expansion
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I decided to talk about the expansionism of the United States because I think that this was something very important, although there were battles, this serves to teach other people since they may not get the exact information of what happened for this is important since the United States fought for their belongings.
This also shows the conflicts that existed, President Thomas Jefferson bought the territory of Louisiana from France in 1803. Known as the Louisiana Purchase, this new territory stretched from the Mississippi River west to the Rocky Mountains, and from Canada south to New Orleans. It doubled the size of the United States.
Jefferson believed that the young country should continue to grow. The original states in the east and south were not enough. He felt that it was important that the United States claim more land out west. This growth was known as Westward Expansion.
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