People should not believe everything they read online.
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Can you believe everything you read online?

Online in terms of computer technology and telecommunications is a state of connectivity, In modern terminology, it’s usually referred to as an internet connection. From this point of view, the internet is accessible to anyone and everywhere by human beings and software or programmed machines. According to the article, “About half of the Twitter accounts pushing misinformation about COVID-19 and calling for "reopening America'' may be bots, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University said Wednesday. The tweets appear to be aiming to sow division and increase polarization during the pandemic”. This tells us not everything we saw online we should believe because most of the news on social media is fake, sometimes social media users like to share pieces of information without knowing the source of the information if it’s reliable or not. Also, everything you see on the internet is not true because some information that we see on the internet is not an expert who wrote it, it may be hacked. It's probably a good practice to not believe anything you read or see anywhere, and certainly never from a single source. At this time people are very worried about this virus and some people are spreading false information about the disease that will make the community more scared about the virus. In closing, through looking at this information I learned not to believe everything that I see on the internet because some information may get you scary. In my opinion, if you want the information you should check the sources before believing those resources. Moreover, if you don’t know someone looks up to that person, research so you can find the correct information that you are looking for.

Ilyasu Jalloh
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Created on 2020-05-27 at 03:19 and last updated on 2020-05-27 at 03:22.