My experience about living in the United States
CTE project

Most people are scared and uncomfortable by foreign languages. Learning another language was very difficult for me, although it still is, but everyday I try harder to succeed in the language. In this essay I will talk about how I learned a second language, I will also explain my cultural background. Learning several languages ​​can help the person to be more independent and have the ability to relate to different types of people and also be able to help other people. In my visual poem I talk about love, the love is an intense feeling of deep affection. My video poem project helped me show that if i have the ability to develop two or more languages, I only have to work hard to develop them.

One challenge I had was that google translate doesn’t always work. Another challenge I had was to record my voice in Spanish and then edit the photos and lyrics in English. My visual poem is about how love is important to me because love is one beautiful feeling. The most difficult thing was looking for the images and trying to put the images with my voice and it would work well because my voice was very fast. I chose the photos and copied the links, then downloaded the photos and edited them in Photoshop and then put a sound that beat with the rhythm of my voice and transitioned from the video.
Bronx, NY
Merlyn Rodriguez
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