Politics and Economics

I want to participate in SYEP because it was an opportunity for me to grow and earn experience and skills so that in the future it could benefit me.

SYEP is important to me and my family because it is not just about earning money like i said before SYEP helps us grow in ways, in the future when we get an actual job we won’t fear or feel shy because of what we learned and how we developed in the program but also we can help ourselves and our family with anything we need.

After hearing that the mayor is cutting the SYEP program this year, what i would say to him is that he should think about those kids who have been waiting for the opportunity to work during the summer or in general maybe they were planning to do something with the money or maybe help their family and even more now with what's going on with this pandemic.

In my opinion, instead of taking quick actions and canceling the summer youth program they should've looked for a solution just how they did with the closures of schools and found the solution by remote learning.
Bronx , New York.
Marileni Mauricio
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