Why is money for public schools being cut?
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Why is money for public schools being cut?

Money for public schools is being cut because of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the article Chalkbeat New York “the mayor said his nearly $90 billion spending plan for the entire city is primarily focused on boosting health, safety, food, and shelter resources. Overall cuts, which will eat away at almost 4% of the total city budget, still “pale in comparison to the challenges ahead,” de Blasio told reporters. this proposal was made for moments in history like this. Although because of the outbreak, cuts and savings will shrink the education department's budget by 3% for next fiscal year, if Mayor de Blasio's proposal is approved it will be the first time since 2013 that the city cuts overall education spending. Budget cuts in school it's going to affect the students' education and teachers. Also the article states that “Some cuts had already been announced, including $100 million slashed directly from school budgets, $43 million from slowing the expansion of pre-K for 3-year-olds, and $49 million eliminated from pausing programs that help students get to college and provide individual counseling for middle school students. This means that this can cause a problem to us NYC students because most of us are from low income resources and get the support from these programs. In my opinion these budget cuts will affect our education and the next year classes. Kim Sweet, executive director of Advocates for Children of New York, said the proposed budget cuts would likely worsen existing inequities and exacerbate the challenges schools and students are now facing.” which i agree on. According to the article WKBW it states that educators and parents oppose cuomo’s reimagine education plan. The governor is looking to re-imagine schools with the help of the Gates Foundation. He announced his plan to work with Bill Gates Tuesday but educators and parents fear technology could take over classroom learning. What cuomo is trying to do is provide remote learning to students no matter where we are. Although there are people who don’t really like this idea, like Ms.Dominguez. “Children benefit greatly from the social aspects of being in school and that we can't just let that go,” Dominguez commented. However because of this outbreak there is no other choice but to have remote learning classes. Governor Cuomo did offer praise to teachers and parents for getting students set up remotely at home during the COVID crisis. I agree with cuomo. We have to thank teachers because of how hard they are trying to continue teaching us. Although it is not the same as before, they still are checking on us and supporting us.
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