Why are hospitals closing?
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Why are hospitals closing?

New York City medical clinics are shutting since they are slicing $400 millions to emergency clinics and other fretful administrations. The slicing of cash to the medical clinics while the coronavirus is as yet spreading iwas a blow of certainty for the emergency clinics and bleeding edge laborers. As per the article Senator Cuomo proposed this before the coronavirus began spreading in the US. In any case, cutting those cash from the emergency clinics wouldn't help the laborer in light of the fact that during this time they need to spare individuals' lives due to this infection not to stress over how they are going to take care of their tabs. In the event that they cut these $400 million the individuals who will get influenced the most are specialists and medical attendants since they will quit working. As I would like to think cutting cash won't help the medical clinics since individuals are wiped out, they need specialists and attendants to deal with them. In the article Representative Cuomo stated, "The spots that are getting the most subsidizing now as a result of what the government did are the medical clinics." This shows after the $400 million cuts the emergency clinics are improving on the grounds that they are getting all around supported from the administration. I think this is critical to find out in light of the fact that as an understudy I didn't have a clue what was going on with the clinics until I read this today. In this way, it causes me to increment my insight on various issues.
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