New York hospitals could be closing
NY hospital are not receiving funds from the government

The topic of this article is New York hospitals are not getting financial aid from the government “N.Y. Hospitals Face $ 400 Million in Cuts Even as Virus Battle Rages ’’. The situation that is happening is during this COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are getting cutting funds from the government and therefore do not have enough money to support the hospitals to buy medical supplies, pay bills and help low-income people, immigrants without health insurance, their workers. The problem started in March when the pandemic attacked thousands of New Yorkers and public hospitals receiving many people by COVID-19. This is happening to many public hospitals in NY, especially St Barnabas located in the Bronx, New York which is where the majority of people with limited resources attend and poor people could be very affected. It is important that everyone read what is happening, many public hospitals are on the verge of total bankruptcy and will not be able to help their patients who are in this situation infected by the virus, also having many vulnerable people to the virus that have others with several medical issues. In addition, many of the hospital workers cannot have their salary and they also need support and their families.

I think that if the government does not help the hospitals many are going to die not receiving the support the hospitals need, especially in New York where there is the highest percentage of infected people of the Corona virus and many people without many resources. I would say that the governors should act more and speak less because the city is dying.
New York, United States
Anyeska Mendoza
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