SYEP 2020 youth work program has been suspended
Economics and People

I joined SYEP because want to have more experience working and have the opportunity to learn new things also I entered these programs to help me learn how to socialize.

SYEP is important to me and my family because I have the opportunity to help my mother pay for the house and our needs and I can learn by the time I graduate and live alone. It helps me to be able to always have responsibility so this program helps me a lot.

I would like to say to the Mayor that he should have the SYEP program this year, he helps the young by not removing the program, for us to be able to work and help our families more because of what is happening with the crisis. These programs also really help us learn new things and learn how to be independent.

There is a way that we can have the opportunity to do SYEP online where young people can build skills and a resourceful experience. As we know, students are now taking their classes online. We can also do the same for SYEP and I think this is a good way to have more experience working online.
Bronx, NY
May 10th 2020
Sorivel De Jesus
https:/www.change.org/p/tell-nyc-mayor-to-save-summer-young- employment
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