Why hospitals are closing?
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NYC Hospitals closing

During the last few weeks, many hospitals have been forced to look outside for fans and stretchers because their hospitals are scarce. For example, Dr. David Perlstein who has had to cope with his hospital with more than 100 patients due to the coronavirus outbreak and has been forced to find a way to get stretchers and ventilators because they are very scarce within his hospital. Establishing that your hospital is being forced to lose millions of dollars in government resources due to the pandemic. This could force the hospital to close its doors and declare bankruptcy. As St Barnabas hospital is forced to close its doors in order to avoid bankruptcy, many hospitals are not taking the same measure in time, and for the same reason they run out of resources and are forced to close their doors. and declare bankruptcy. For this doctor it is impossible to save lives and at the same time establish the resources of hospitals.
Bronx, New York
Thursday May 7th, 2020
Michael Anazco
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