Hospitals closing in the most needy places.
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The hospital are closing

New York funds well over $ 1 billion a year in hospital charity care, designated for uninsured or underinsured patients. But the difficult formula used to deliver that assistance to hospitals was criticized because it commonly provides hospitals with more money than they actually spend on charity care. Due to the economic cuts in hospitals and medicaid, hospitals do not have enough personnel or supplies to treat the outbreak, which is increasing every day and there is still no cure, so doctors need the necessary tools to treat an estimated number of patients attending by treatment to hospitals that means the less money, fewer employees and not enough utensils or treatment for the covid-19 means closed hospitals so that there is no needless gathering of people.

Hospitals are being closed at the worst times since the virus is getting worse every day. The government is looking for a solution so that rural country hospitals are not closed since these people are the ones that need the most care and if they take the medicaid, they will not. They will have sufficient economic stability to deal with the virus since it is estimated that without medicaid the treatment to treat the coronavirus has around 40,000 dollars. I think the government should focus a little more on these low-income people and try to get all aid services to get to them and keep hospitals available with enough equipment and good workers, and should also be something that is implemented in all hospitals. but be a little more aware of those people.
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